Race Rules

Race Briefing Notes and Race Rules

In compliance with our Health and Safety plan, all competitors must carefully read these notes and Assessing Risk as a Competitor prior to starting the race. The following rules must be strictly adhered to and failure to comply with the rules could result in a withdrawal from the race. You will be notified of any updates at the start lines.

Race Numbers

You have been given two race numbers. The large one is to be worn on your front and clearly visible at all times. Please print your emergency contact details clearly on the reverse side. The smaller number must be worn on your backpack and visible at all times.

Transport to Start Lines

Important: The bus drivers have been instructed that they are to leave at their specified times sharp and therefore it is the responsibility of the competitor to make sure they are on time. If a competitor turns up at the start line without their race pack they will not be permitted to run and there will be no exceptions. For this reason, we strongly advise people to register the day before, if possible, instead of leaving it until the last minute.

20 km Competitors

The access road to your start line at the Oparara Basin is narrow and in places steep and is closed to ALL traffic except the buses. Your bus will depart from outside the Karamea Area School on Waverley Street at 6.45am. If you are late for your bus connection there is no alternative way of getting to the start line and you will be out of the race; there will be no exceptions. Please make sure you understand this and that you are on time.

36 km Competitors

Your bus will depart from the Karamea Area School on Waverley Street at 7.30am. Please make sure you are on time. If you miss the bus it will be your responsibility to get yourself to the start line on time. If you arrive late at McCallum’s Mill and after the race has started you will not be permitted to run. Please make sure you understand this and that you are on time.

Arriving at the Start Lines

As you disembark your bus, marshals will direct you to where you are to have your mandatory gear checked. Please have your gear ready. Make sure you have warm clothing to wear at the start lines.

Mandatory gear

Hat/beanie, gloves, long sleeve top (all to be either woollen or thermal)
Waterproof Jacket
Survival bag/blanket
Simple first aid kit suitable to cope with any minor injury

Mandatory gear checks will be carried out at both start lines. If there is a missing item the competitor will be withdrawn from the race. Refer to Race Info for gear list.

It is a requirement of the Department of Conservation that all footwear should be in a clean condition to discourage the spread of didymo, noxious plants and weeds.

Surplus clothing

You will be able to drop your bags at the allocated sites and these will be transported back to the Karamea Domain.
The green 4 Square race pack can double as your surplus gear bag if you wish, please tie the handles together securely using the twisty tie in your race pack if need be. Make sure your race number is written clearly and visible on both sides of your surplus gear bag.
You can collect your bag from the main entrance to the Bowling Club rooms at the Karamea Domain.

20km Competitors Only

As it will possibly be some time after you cross the finish line before you are able to collect your surplus clothing, it is advisable that you leave a spare set of warm clothing in a bag clearly marked with your race number and name on it at the Karamea Bowling Club rooms at the Karamea Domain before you board your bus. You will be able to collect the gear you left at the Oparara Basin as soon as we are able to get it returned to Karamea.

20 km Walk

Walkers will need to be finished within 5 hours. The walker must walk for the entire race. The competitor must not jog or run for the entire time. Walkers deemed to run or jog will not be eligible for an award. Walkers are eligible for a spot prize if they are finished within 5 hours.

Medical Conditions

It is the responsibility of the competitor to carry all necessary medications during the race. This includes medication for those who suffer with asthma, allergies and wasps.


MP3 Players, cellphones with headphones/earbuds or equivalent are not permitted for use during the race. You need to be able to hear if runners are approaching from behind and if anyone is calling for help.


It is a privilege to have been granted consent by the Department of Conservation to hold the Pulse Energy OWTR in Kahurangi National Park. Please respect this privilege by placing your rubbish in the bins provided at McCallum’s Mill, Oparara Basin and at the Karamea Domain.
This is also to be adhered to regarding food and wrappers along the track during the race. Our policy is “if you carry it in, you carry it out”.

Being withdrawn from the race

A competitor may be withdrawn from the race at the sole discretion of a medic if it is considered that they are unfit to complete the race.

Voluntarily withdrawing from the race

Any runner who voluntarily withdraws from the race for reasons other than medical may be required to pay to have them uplifted from the track.


A competitor wishing to overtake a slower runner or walker on the Oparara and Fenian track must call out “Passing” so that the slower person can step aside to create safe overtaking room.

Holding up Runners

Slower runners or walkers must not deliberately attempt to hold up faster runners or walkers.

Stick to the track

You are required to stay on the track at all times. If you leave the track for any reason, you must remove your backpack and leave it to the side of the track where it is clearly visible.


If you find that you have become lost you must stay where you are, use your whistle, put on your warm clothing and call out.

Accidents and Injuries

In the event of an accident where an injury has occurred, it is the responsibility of other runners to give assistance. If medical intervention is required make sure the person uses their mandatory clothing to stay warm and at least one runner should proceed to the nearest first aid station to report the incident.
If you fall over a bank and are unable to pull yourself back up but are not seriously injured, use your whistle and call out.

Road Closures

The McCallum’s Mill Road will be closed from late Friday afternoon until 12.00 noon on Saturday and there should not be any unauthorised vehicles in the area, however, please treat the road as open and run on the left-hand side.
The Fenian Road from the carpark to the lime works is not officially closed to traffic so care needs to be taken and you must run on the right side of the road facing any traffic.

Other track users

It is unlikely that anyone else not associated with the race will be using the track, however, we ask competitors to be mindful of those who wish to do so.

Postal River Suspension Bridge: DO NOT RUN ON THE BRIDGE.

Marshals will be stationed at either end of the bridge and any competitor who runs on the bridge or does not adhere to the directions of the marshals will be immediately disqualified.


All competitors must obey the directions of the marshals.

Road Rules

Once on Flaxmill Road, all runners and walkers must face oncoming traffic on the right side of the road until you reach Karamea/Kohaihai Road where you will be directed by a marshal to continue on the left, along and into Waverley Street. A marshal will direct you across the road to the entrance to the Karamea Domain and the finish line. Runners and walkers must be aware that traffic has right of way at all times.


You must stick to the marked route, do not enter any unauthorized areas or where there is stock.

Drink Stations

Please drop your bottles in the containers provided along the way, do not throw them to the side of the track.

Check Points

Marshals, medics and LandSAR personnel will be situated at Oparara Basin, Sunshine Flat, Postal River, Maloney’s Bluff & Fenian/Oparara Road junction. Marshals and LandSAR personnel only will be situated at McCallum’s Mill, and a marshal only will be situated at the turn-around at Caves Carpark.

Approaching Check Points

On approach to each check point you must call out your race number loud and clear. There will be signs warning that you are approaching each check point.


Toilets are positioned at McCallum’s Mill, Oparara Basin, Sunshine Flat and Fenian Carpark and Karamea Domain.

Karamea Domain Finish Line

Make sure you step on the timing mats. Do not jump over the mats or take your shoes off before you cross the line. If you do, your tag will not be activated and your time will not be recorded.
Once over the finish line, you must immediately remove your transponder tag. A marshal will be there to assist you, however, failure to return the transponder will incur a $50 charge.

Event Cancellation

The event organisers reserve the right to cancel the race without warning if they consider that proceeding could pose a major health and safety risk to competitors, supporters or race volunteers. Under these circumstances there will be no refund given.

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